Long Haul Lumière

Exploring our planet through neon-clad noise

Lights On: Play Drums

In mid-2014 my musical career took an unexpected turn, and I embarked on a new adventure, or series of adventures, with a drumming street theatre group known as Spark!. Being a keen writer, I’d been looking for a reason to share something in written form for a long time and, whether it was going to be read by the masses or just my mum, this finally seemed reason enough. To this day the surreal nature of travelling the world playing the drums continues, and I find that every day brings more of the usual unusualness, and another story to tell.

So, sit back and enjoy keeping up with a Lycra-clad band of buffoons whose light-up drums and painted faces have seen things I never dreamed I would in almost every corner of our beautiful planet (but not Antarctica… yet). Know that these words come from my own perspective alone: I do not wish to inform your opinions of an entire place or culture; I only want to let you know what happened, and perhaps to encourage you to go there and experience it for yourself.

Aaaand, as goes the plan for every show, no matter how different or unpredictable it appears to be: LIGHTS ON, PLAY DRUMS.

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